Smart Locks for Homes: Understanding Their Role

Honolulu Locksmith
April 10, 2024

The reason why you should invest in a smart lock is that it adds security to you and your family.

It's common for homeowners to feel a sense of anxiety. You might feel that something is off the moment you enter your house. But, you can't pinpoint the exact problem. Or, maybe you don't feel safe anymore in your Honolulu neighborhood.

In this event, you should invest in a digital lock. With the latest development in smart lock services, you can brush away that anxiety. You'll have an added sense of security that you won't get with a traditional lock. The benefits of home smart locks don't just end here. You won't have to worry about changing the locks and you'll have added security.

What Are Smart Locks?

This is a new type of technology in home security. It's one step closer to making homes all over Oahu secure. This electronic lock can be unlocked or locked via your smartphone. It eliminates the need for a traditional lock and key, which can get lost or forgotten.

Home smart locks are programmed with a cryptic code. This technology installs an invisible perimeter around your property, which is called geofencing. You can unlock your door even when you're just minutes away. Another desirable feature is the ability to lock your property if you forget and you're halfway across Oahu island.

Is a Smart Lock Safe?

There are growing concerns with home smart locks as they grew in popularity in Honolulu, Hawaii. Most claim they're overhyped and make you less secure. Other critics argue that this type of technology can make one prone to hackers. Digital locks are prone to hacking, but that doesn't mean they're vulnerable.

Arguably, traditional locks make it hard to tell who has access to your property. Smart keys have access control and only grant access to certain people. You can set limits between certain days and times. A fingerprint door lock also has remote control access, which makes it ideal for the dog sitter to enter when you're at the office.

Phone unlock a smart lock
Smart lock phone app

What Are the Benefits?

The additional security features are worth it with home security. You won't be as concerned about locking yourself out of your home or misplacing your keys. There's no need to frantically search your car or your house. You can remotely lock your door with your smartphone.

Smart keys has made it easier to manage your home's security. Access codes are ideal for young kids and absent-minded teenagers. A virtual key makes it easier for your friends and family to stay at your house for the weekend. You can give anyone access, including your babysitter, house cleaner, and contractor.

Installing a Smart Lock Deadbolt

Installation is easier when you use a professional locksmith in Honolulu, Hawaii. A qualified and trusted installer will arrive at your home to set up your new lock and security system. They will walk you through the system, program your lock, and add or delete codes.

You'll also learn how to manage the lock from the mobile app. You can monitor your property every time you're away from home. You can also securely lock your home and grant access to your friends and family when the time comes. A fingerprint door lock system is the best way to embrace the future of the smart home.

Unlocking a smart lock
Smart lock programming

No Need to Change Door Lock

One benefit of investing in smart locks for home is that you don't have to change your locks. Most security experts suggest changing your locks when moving into a new home. You can never be sure about who previously resided there. So, it might be worth considering changing the locks to keep you and your family safe.

This is also the case when you misplace your keys. With an electronic lock, the keys can be revoked in the event they go missing or are misplaced. You can do it via the mobile app. This eliminates the need to change your locks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I install the smart system myself?

Installing smart locks for home is one of the best investments for your sense of security. You could do it yourself closely following the instructions, but sometimes it is better to leave it to a professional locksmith. The installation depends on the smart lock brand and the type of smart key involved. It typically involves removing the old lock and installing the new latch, the lock, and the inside panel. Then, you have to set it up with a device. Honolulu Locksmith can get it installed and programmed for you in little time.

Is a smart lock deadbolt safe?

A digital door lock provides you with a unique code, which you can share with trusted individuals. You can change the code instead of handing out a spare key. The electronic door lock works with your security system. You'll receive a notification whenever someone enters your home. There are some disadvantages to a door lock like hacking, which is rare.

How are the locks installed?

A local locksmith is the best person for installing a lock. This is because many smart keys and locks are not as secure in the beginning stages. You want to ensure that it protects your home and property once installed. The smart key could fall prey to hackers and burglars. The installation process can be difficult if you've never done it before.

Should I hire a Honolulu locksmith to install my locks?

The services of a professional locksmith from Honolulu are your best course of action. The installation process is the most important part. A trusted locksmith is someone you can trust with sensitive information and follows through with a secure process. Some providers use third-party contractors. In this case, you should vet them and determine if they know the master codes.