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Car Key Fob Replacement HI

We should all be delighted when technology acts just as advertised. When transponder key fob devices were first introduced by the auto industry decades ago to replace standard car keys, there was a sense that we had arrived. We had arrived at a point where car security was meeting important challenges.

However, when technology fails, it can create all kinds of issues because most laypersons don't have the knowledge or tools to fix things on their own. With standard car keys and locks, repairs and replacements offered very little in the way of complications. The same cannot be said when a car key transponder has been lost or damaged, or the security code becomes unreadable.

Should any of those things happen to your car key fob device, you do have the option of trying to deal with it yourself. However, there is a risk that mistakes you might make could get costly. A far better solution, for people living or visiting Honolulu, would be to contact a top Hawaii car keys service like Honolulu Locksmith.

In the following sections, we would like to provide information on car key programming in Honolulu and how we can be of service.

What is a Car Key Transponder Fob Device and How Does It Work?

Key Fob Device

A car key transponder device looks like a standard at one end with a plastic/rubber casing at the top end. Inside the plastic/rubber casing are a battery and microchip. The microchip has the ability to communicate through radio signals with computer software that is located in a dashboard computer.

When someone inserts a key into a door lock or ignition, the transponder chip sends a radio message to the dashboard computer. If the alternating security coding sequence is correct, the driver is permitted to unlock the door and or start the car. If by chance the radio message is not read or recognized, something is wrong with the car key transponder. That's when it's time to seek help with car key programming in Honolulu.

Our Oahu Car Locksmith Services

Honolulu Mobile Locksmith Team

As a top Oahu car locksmith, we offer a full range of car locksmith services for all cars without regard to the make, model, or year of the car. Our standard Hawaii car keys service includes:

  • Car lockout service when keys are lost or locked in the car or trunk
  • Making of duplicate keys (original key not required)
  • Repair and replace door and trunk locks
  • Repair and replace ignition systems
  • Repair of electronic security systems

Of course, we also offer a full menu of services for car key transponders and fob devices. Those services include:

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If you need a car locksmith in Honolulu Hawaii, call us for reliable service. Our licensed, bonded, background-checked experts use only state-of-the-art equipment and can deal with any automotive locksmith job, from simple to complicated. Our mobile team responds to your call instantly, works quickly, and help get your life back to normal. Locksmith Honolulu stands behind every job with a rock-solid guarantee like no other in the locksmith business.

Our Oahu Car Locksmith Services

Honolulu Locksmith Car Key Programming

To be clear, there are ways for car owners to program their own car keys. It's a process that can take 30 minutes to an hour as long as there are no complications. However, inexperienced key programmers tend to make mistakes that cause the aforementioned complications.

Our highly trained team of Honolulu emergency locksmith technicians has the tools and knowledge to handle car key programming tasks quickly and efficiently. We handle this process through a series of software programs we have purchased. All we have to do is locate the software that is compatible with your car (make/model/year) and initiate the programming process through your dashboard computer. This process allows us to add new keys, remove old keys, and program or reprogram existing keys.

Since these software programs are expensive with time limitations, we set forth to make sure each of our technicians is very proficient with the software. That translates to you getting a working key back in your hands as fast as humanly possible.

Why Use Honolulu Locksmith in Hawaii

Honolulu Locksmith mobile team

We have been working hard to build a reputation as the best locksmith in Oahu. It starts with a hiring process that allows us to always identify the best candidates to become professional locksmiths. We offer them all of the training and tools they will need to succeed on the job.

Beyond being a top Oahu car locksmith, we also provide a full menu of locksmith services for homes and businesses. Those services include:

  • Lockout services for lost or misplaced keys
  • Repair and replace door and window locks
  • Key duplication services
  • Testing and repair of home and business electronic security services
  • Rekey locks after a break-in
  • Installation of master key lock systems

While we do offer Honolulu emergency locksmith services, we tend to treat every call like it's an emergency. Our response times are amazing and when one of our technicians arrives on the scene, they will exhibit complete professionalism as they assess the situation and resolve your issue or issues as fast as possible. Best of all, our prices are competitive and affordable with your satisfaction guaranteed.

When issues arise with your keys and locks, you only need to make one call to Honolulu Locksmith. Your problem will get resolved to your satisfaction every time.


FAQ Image
  • How long does it take for Honululu Locksmith to handle key fob programming for a foreign-made early model car?

    Of course, the time it will take will depend on several factors including the availability of parts (if necessary) and the make/model/year of your car. As a rough estimate, most programming can be completed within 30 minutes.
  • Will you require any documentation before you can provide a car key transponder replacement because of lost car keys?

    If you don't have an original key or fob device, we may have to ask for identification and some kind of documentation that ties you to the car's ownership.
  • To be clear, you can remove lost keys from the car's computer software?

    Yes. Our software programs allow us to remove chips from the computer's software. We understand you would require this service if you lose your keys or sense they have been stolen.
  • What is the risk if I attempt to program keys on my own?

    While the chance of collateral damage would be minimal, you could end up wasting a lot of time without getting the results you want. Depending on the car in question, the process can be complicated and cumbersome.
  • How fast are your emergency response times?

    We pride ourselves on being able to respond to most calls with one of our mobile locksmith units in 30 minutes or less, depending on your location and our locksmith availability
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