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Smart Door Locks

What to Know About Smart Door Lock Applications

A smart door lock is an electronic lock that you don't need a key to open. You can set up your smart door lock mechanism to open via a code on a keypad, a smartphone app, or even a fingerprint. Even better, you can change that code as needed to lessen security risks to your home and business.

Why Choose Honolulu Locksmith to Install a Smart Door Lock?

Honolulu Locksmith Mobile Locksmith Team

You can greatly increase the security of your home or business by upgrading to smart front door locks. Being able to open the door to your home with a code means handing out fewer keys. Using a smartphone app to open your smart lock means that you must be in proximity to the door to get inside your home, which may be critical to your safety.

If your children are old enough to be alone after school, updating their protection might include smart door locks with camera features. With this choice, you can monitor your child as they enter your home and note any unusual activity at the access points to your home.

There is also the possibility that you may need your smart door lock to keep someone out. Perhaps you have a business and a member of your staff has been terminated or left in an unhappy, agitated state. You can make a simple change to the code on your doors with the help of a commercial locksmith and keep them out while letting the rest of your staff in. Thanks to our 24/7 service availability, you can contact us at any time to make these updates and increase your security.

Our services

Emergency Residential Locksmith Service

House lockout

There's nothing worse than reaching for your keys and realizing you're locked out! Our 24/7 mobile locksmith service guarantee means you can get fast and professional locksmith help to get back into your home so you can grab your keys and get on with your day.

Change locks

If you just bought a new home in Hawaii and are in possession of the keys, there's no way to be sure that you have the only keys. Call 808-378-7552 and get new locks installed. Also, some of the old locks in your home may be beyond repair, in that case you will need to have those locks replaced.

Lock Change Service for Your House in Honolulu HI
Emergency Copy Keys Locksmith Service

Copy keys

We can also help you re-key your car locks; we're an automotive locksmith! While we're there, we'll get you the copies you need to make sure you control the access to your home or car. We also do more complex key fob replacements, programming and battery replacement wherever you may find yourself in Honolulu or Oahu island.

Smart locks installation

Getting electronic door locks added to your home or business will reduce your worries. You control who has the code; you can easily change the code of your keypad lock if needed. This can be hard to do yourself properly, but a professional locksmith will have the necessary skills, knowledge and tools to do it right. Call us for a prompt and friendly service.

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Choosing Smart Door Lock Installation in Honolulu

Smart Door Lock Installation

Our team provides support to residences and commercial buildings alike. Because a smart door lock installation means that your employees won't be carrying keys, you have less of a risk of a security breach.

By calling a residential locksmith to put a remote lock on your home, you can be sure that your child isn't at risk of losing their key. Put in a camera with your remote lock and your child can be monitored as they enter the home for more peace of mind.

Smart Door Lock         Services

Smart Door Lock Programming

Your smart door lock can be used to flip a deadbolt or block a sliding glass door from opening. No matter your need, our Honolulu locksmith services can keep your family safer.

We can also make it possible to "re-key" your space by either helping you to reprogram your lock or showing you how to change the code. If your phone is your favorite tool for opening your smart door lock and it's damaged or lost, we can be there soon to provide you options.

Smart Door Lock Replacement or Reprogramming

If you've noticed that your smart door lock isn't pairing effectively with your phone, it may need replaced. Everything wears out. Dust and moisture can do a number on an older smart door lock.

Before you need an emergency locksmith to let you in because your smart lock is completely unresponsive, book an appointment with our mobile locksmith team and get your smart lock replaced.

Emergency Locksmith   Service

Emergency Locksmith Service

You can get emergency access to a local locksmith in Honolulu by calling 808-378-7552. We offer 24/7 service from licensed, bonded and professional locksmiths. Whether you've had a security breach at your business or need to get back into your car or home, we'll be there.

Often, people need help from an emergency locksmith because there's been an attempted break-in to their car, home or office. Our skilled professionals can offer you information on addressing risks around your business, your home or parking space.

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About Us

Honolulu Locksmith has been supporting residents and business owners of Hawaii with licensed, bonded and skilled professionals for years. Our goal is to provide your family and business with the help you need to secure your personal possessions, business information and vehicles. Because we can be there 24/7, you can contact us at any time to secure your space and possessions. You can also contact us to set up an appointment to re-key a used vehicle or your new property purchase. Honolulu Locksmith is in the business of keeping you safe!


How secure are smart door lock keypads?

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These keypads are quite durable and would be very hard to remove or hack, especially those that read smartphones and fingerprints. Follow the cleaning instructions and enjoy the sense of security gained!

How do smart door locks work?

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Smart doors locks are triggered by a code, a scan from a smart phone, or a fingerprint scan. Once the lock is triggered, either the handle will be engaged or the deadbolt slotted out.

Can I install a smart door lock by myself?

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There are DIY smart door locks, as well as smart door lock cameras. The problem is that you may not be able to get the best quality lock from your local hardware store. These locks can be tricky to install, and if you don't get it done by nightfall, you may not be able to secure your home or business.

Do all smart door lock units have a camera?

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No, but cameras are easy to add and will increase your sense of security. If your children are headed home alone after school, the camera is an especially good investment.

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