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About Our Automotive Locksmith Services

If you're locked out, we'll come to you and get you back in. At that time, we can replace your car key. Should you need a new fob, we can program one for you. Please note that our automotive locksmith services also include door, trunk and ignition lock replacement. If your lost keys may have fallen into the wrong hands, we can help you secure your vehicle.

Why Choose Honolulu Locksmith?

Honolulu Locksmith Mobile Locksmith Team

Car locksmith professionals can help you get a vehicle of any vintage rekeyed and functional again. If you lost a fob and need a replacement, our Honolulu Locksmith team has the tools and the skills to quickly reprogram your ignition and car locks. Those who love older cars will really appreciate the chance to get their locks changed out. A lost set of car keys can be more than a nuisance. If they're at the bottom of the ocean, new keys may be all you need. If your keys have fallen into the wrong hands, new locks are a great idea. Honolulu Locksmith can provide you with options at 808-378-7552.

Our Car Locksmith Services

Car Key Replacement

Car key replacement

If you spent the day at the beach and your car keys are nowhere to be found or are broken, we can get you back into your car and replace your vehicle key.

Car key programming

If you were on your way to work and dropped your keys in your coffee, or if your key fob fell out of your pocket during a walk on the sand, we can help you back into your car and reprogram a new fob for your needs.

Car Key Programming Service in Honolulu, HI
Car Lock Installation Locksmith Service

Car lock change

If you're remotely concerned that your keys have fallen into the wrong hands, it's time to get your locks changed. Don't risk your vehicle!

Car lock repair

Perhaps you came out to your car to find that your door lock has been tampered with. Maybe you found your window broken or your door forced and your ignition damaged. You need a skilled locksmith to replace your ignition lock and secure your doors as well.

Car lock repair in Honolulu HI
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What to Do When You Lose Your Car Keys?

Car Keys

When you get back to your car and find you can't get into it because your keys are gone, the first step is not to panic. If it's dark, find a secure spot inside a lighted building and give us a call. We will meet you at your vehicle and help you take the next best step to secure your vehicle.

Now is the time to carefully consider where your keys may have gone. It's possible that they are lost forever and a new key or new fob is all you need. However, if there's even the slightest chance that your keys were picked up by the wrong person, it's a very good idea to get your locks changed out or reprogrammed.

How Much Will It Cost to Replace My Car Keys?

Smart Door Lock Programming

Depending on your security concerns, lost car key replacement in Honolulu will require an estimate from a skilled locksmith. Again, lost car keys at the bottom of a lake or the sea simply need to be replaced. If your car locks need replacing or reprogramming, the job will likely be more costly. Your local locksmith in Honolulu can give you more information when you give us a call. Simply contact us for more information, we're always glad to help.

Emergency Locksmith Service on Oahu

Car Key For Programming Service

Thanks to our mobile emergency locksmith services, the question of where can I get keys made is not a worry. Our automotive locksmith professionals can meet you at your vehicle in Hawaii. We can get you back into your vehicle, get new car keys or key fobs made, and get you back on the road. Should you decide to get new locks or get an extra key copy at the same time, we can take care of it as well.

Replacing your car keys in Honolulu can be done anywhere, thanks to our mobile locksmith professionals.

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About Us

We have been offering locksmithing services to all areas of Oahu for years. Our car key locksmith professionals are licensed, bonded and extremely well-trained. Whether you need your car key replaced or your entire home rekeyed, we can help you secure your investments.

Book an appointment or call us in an emergency when you need lost car key replacement in Honolulu. We'll be there.


Do I need to rekey my car when I lose my keys?

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If you're sure that nobody can pick up your keys and use them to access your vehicle, there's no reason to rekey your vehicle. If you're not sure, rekeying is less hassle than having your vehicle tampered with or stolen.

Can I book an appointment to get my locks rekeyed?

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We offer both emergency services and appointments. In any case, we'll meet you at your location to take care of your requirements or you can visit us at our place.

What emergency coverage do you offer?

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We offer complete coverage. No matter when you're locked out, you can call us and we can come to you and get you back into your vehicle so you can get home safely.

What about car key fobs?

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Our car locksmith technicians are trained to reprogram key fobs as well as replacing car keys. No matter what is causing you to be locked out of your car, we can help!

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