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Smart Door Locks

Importance of Locksmiths for Hotels

All popular and reputable hotels in Oahu, Hawaii have one thing in common. They provide great customer service. Part of providing great customer service is making sure guests always have immediate access to their rooms. If something goes wrong with hotel locks, an immediate call to a reputable mobile locksmith is the right thing to do.

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In the Hawaii locksmithing industry, great reputations are made by providing fast and efficient services at reasonable prices while backing the work with a full customer satisfaction guarantee. That's exactly what we do, and that's why our company is considered one of the best commercial locksmiths in the region. Notably, we have been serving Hawaiians and island guests for years now. If you have an emergency, we can send an emergency locksmith in Honolulu in 30 minutes or less.

The next time your hotel needs a locksmith, that's your chance to call the best locksmith company, Honolulu Locksmith.

Summary of Our Hotel Locks Services

Smart Lock for Hotels

Smart Locks

Modern technology has made it easier for hotels to control which guests go in and out of rooms. We install and repair smart locks for hotels.

Lock Change

Our locksmith technicians are proficient at changing locks for all kinds of door types. A lock change is often the right call if the lock casing is still in good shape.

Lock Change Service in Honolulu HI
Lock Installation Locksmith Service

Lock Installation

For security reasons, hotels should have new locks installed at predetermined intervals. We can install new door locks for you quickly at a fair price.

Rekey Locks

When a hotel lock has been compromised, we can offer an immediate solution that includes doing nothing more than rekeying the lock and providing new keys.

Rekey Locks for Your House in Honolulu HI
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Smart Locks for Hotels            

Smart Door Lock Programming

In recent years, top-rated hotels have been converting to smart locks for better door security. It's a hotel door locking system that tends to work well for visitors who are constantly on the go and appreciate the convenience of having remote access.

For hotel operators, we recommend installing smart locks because of the potential benefits. Those benefits include:

  • Ability to easily track room traffic
  • Fewer lost keys - saves money
  • Less burden on employees related to room key issues

Hotel Door Lock Change          

Smart Door Lock Programming

Over time, door locks will wear down, compromising door security in the process. That's why hotel operators need to work with a professional locksmith company to check locks for functionality at regular intervals. Changing a hotel door lock in Honolulu is something our locksmith technicians can do in pretty short order. Good news! Door lock changes are not expensive.

Hotel Door Lock Repair            

Smart Door Lock Programming

Sometimes, door locks break or malfunction without there being significant damage to the casing or the locking mechanism. It happens to even the best hotel door locks. In such cases, we recommend to the hotel operator that they let us repair the problem. It creates a lot of goodwill with our customers because repairing a lock is often more affordable than changing a lock or installing an entirely new hotel door lock system.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

About Us

We are a proud member of the business community in the Hawaiian islands. We have been serving the Oahu region for years where we have built a reputation as one of the best full-service licensed/bonded locksmith companies. We offer residential, commercial (hotel), and auto locksmith services at affordable prices with the work fully guaranteed.


How do hotel door locks work?

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It would depend on the lock types that a particular hotel is using. If they use traditional locks, it's as simple as inserting a key into a lock and turning the locking mechanism. If the hotel is using a keyless entry option, guests might have to insert a key card or provide a fingerprint or voice command for entry. If the hotel uses smart locks, they can be controlled by smartphones with an Internet connection or Bluetooth technology.

How are hotel door locks powered?

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Most hotel door locks in Honolulu are powered by batteries or an electrical source. That's because most of them are keyless entry or smart locks. It would seem the days of the traditional hotel lock and key are fading into the past.

Benefits of using smart locks in hotels?

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The main benefits for guests would be a higher level of door security, no need to carry a key, and the ability to lock and unlock the door remotely. For hotel operators, the benefits would include cost savings due to no lost keys, the ability to track room traffic, and less stress on employees over key issues.

What is an emergency locksmith?

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Most issues that arise due to problems with locks and keys create emergencies. It's the job of an emergency locksmith in Honolulu to respond as quickly as possible (less than 30) and be fully prepared to handle anything that might be thrown at them.

Hotel lock problems? Honolulu Locksmith has your back.

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