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Why Choose Honolulu Locksmith?

As a reputable locksmith service for Honolulu 96814 neighborhoods, we go to great measures to protect residents. That includes giving residents and business owners exactly what they need from a top Honolulu mobile locksmith.

We are reputable. We are reliable. Honolulu Locksmith is proud to serve our people. We serve our people with a complete menu of quality locksmith services, covering homes, commercial businesses, and cars. We are also proud to serve as an Ala Moana locksmith.

All it takes is one call to Honolulu Locksmith to find out just how much we care and what we can do. Call us!

The benefits of working with Honolulu locksmith include the following.

A mobile locksmith with rapid response times

The minute you call us, one of our highly trained, background-checked, licensed technicians will be on the way to assist you.

Around-the-clock locksmith services

Don’t worry about the hour of the day. We literally never close our doors, working to help customers 24/7, on holidays, and in the worst weather conditions imaginable.

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Our Locksmith Services

Locksmith for your car in Honolulu, HI

It's important you remember that Honolulu Locksmith is a full-service Locksmith in Honolulu 96814. All of our services are available in residential neighborhoods and commercial business districts. We also do much of our work as a car locksmith in Ala Moana 96814. Here is a look at some of our services

Key cutting

If you need a key or keys replacement in Hawaii, it's not always easy and convenient to get to the local hardware store. Don't worry, Honolulu Locksmith has you covered.

From one of our mobile locksmith units, we have the ability to cut as many duplicate or replacement keys as you might need. If your original key is missing, we still have the ability to provide replacement keys while you are waiting. This service is invaluable for home and car owners.

Lockout service

At some point in your life, you are going to need lockout help to get into your house, office, and or car. As a go-to Ala Mana locksmith, we perform dozens of lockout services each and every day. It works like this.

You give us a call for lockout help. One of our technicians will quickly arrive on the scene to assess the situation. They will devise a plan to do an office, car, or house door unlock or find an alternative way to get you in without causing any kind of collateral damage. In a matter of minutes, you are in! If you need new keys, we have you covered.

Change locks in Honolulu
Locksmith for your car in Honolulu

Repair/replace/rekey door locks

Door locks were never manufactured to last forever. They are always subject to breaking or malfunctioning at the worst possible time.

We deal with old and new door locks every day. If you have a problem with a lock, we will provide door lock repairs if possible. If it's not possible, we can replace a lock with the same kind of lock or something more secure if you would prefer. If the issue at hand is nothing more than lost or stolen keys, we'll be happy to rekey your locks and provide as many duplicate keys as you need.

Repair and install electronic security systems

As criminals get more sophisticated, homeowners and business owners/managers need to consider installing some kind of electronic surveillance system. We would be happy to discuss with you your security options, including some really good state-of-the-art systems. We would then proceed to install the system and test it before we leave.

For customers who already have an existing electronic security system, we can provide repairs for a wide range of types and brands of systems.

Change locks in Honolulu
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

About Us

During our time as an Ala Moana locksmith, we have built a solid reputation as a quality locksmith. Our services are delivered out of mobile units that are equipped with all of the materials and tools our technicians would need to complete any job.

Since locks and keys can't tell time, we maintain a fleet of strategically positioned units for fast responses 24/7/365. We respond to all calls for help in 30 minutes or less.

Car Locksmith
On The Spot
Honolulu is a busy city with residents and visitors filling the streets. To ensure that everyone stays on track with each busy day, we proudly serve as a car locksmith in Ala Moana 96814, always ready on the spot. We offer a full menu of car locksmith services, including lockout help, key cutting, providing new car keys, and lock repairs and replacement. We also work with fob devices and ignition systems.
Car locksmith in Honolulu


What happens if I don't have my original car key and get locked out?

We can still get your car door open and provide you with replacement keys. However, you would need to provide ID and car ownership documentation before we could proceed.

We had to lay off employees and some keys were not returned. Do I need to replace all of my business's locks?

You can, but it might not be necessary. It's very possible that all you will need to do is rekey the locks that are at risk.

How long does it take to perform a house door unlock?

Our technicians are trained to pick most types of locks. Barring advanced security features, they can breach most door locks in a few minutes.

How much will it cost to replace my car ignition system?

Before we would feel comfortable giving a time or cost estimate, we would need access to your car's VIN# or information about the make, model, and year your car was manufactured.

Honolulu locksmith car keys service

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