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  • Outgoing and helpful technicians
  • Excellent customer experience
  • 24/7 emergency services
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Why Choose Honolulu Locksmith?

When looking for a locksmith in Honolulu 96850, you want someone you can trust. Our professional service is knowledgeable with any lock or key. We became the trusted leader in the area.

We provide nothing but the best service. Our technicians arrive in their mobile locksmith, tricked out with the latest equipment and tools. You'll work with a highly skilled, trained, and licensed technician who knows how to handle your particular situation.

There's no challenge. The only one is to pick up the phone. Contact our 96850 locksmith service for more information. Get service in 30 minutes.

A mobile locksmith with rapid response times

The minute you call us, one of our highly trained, background-checked, licensed technicians will be on the way to assist you.

Around-the-clock locksmith services

Don’t worry about the hour of the day. We literally never close our doors, working to help customers 24/7, on holidays, and in the worst weather conditions imaginable.

Are You Locked Out? We’ll Get You In, Fast!
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Call Honolulu Locksmith for help with all of your lock needs.

Licensed and Local Locksmith Technicians

Both residents and visitors are always some of the busiest people. They don't need any disruptions or interruptions. They need someone who can respond quickly to their service calls.We treat everything like an emergency. We respond to your service call within a half hour or less. We prevent a minor problem from getting out of control.

Save Money With Honolulu Locksmith

Cost-Effective Services

Hiring a professional locksmith should never be expensive. Our mission is to serve everyone in the Honolulu 96850 zip code. We believe everyone should have access to high-quality locksmith services without the high prices. We ensure that our prices are cost-effective, competitive, and fair.

Emergency Calls In a Snap

We take emergency calls seriously. We know that Kakaako residents are always busy. Whenever security issues arise, you need someone who offers a fast and effective solution. Our professional locksmith is fully prepared for any emergency. Our 24 hour locksmith responds to every resident within 30 minutes or less. We prevent minor issues from becoming a major problem.

Mobile Locksmith in Honolulu
Emergency Locksmith Technician

Personalized Services

We are a full-service locksmith that can handle anything. We have residential locksmith services, automotive locksmith services, and commercial locksmith services. All of our services are available through our mobile locksmith. This means we can handle key duplication or lock supplies. Contact us the next time you need a locksmith in Honolulu Kakaako.

Our Locksmith Services

Door Lock Repair in Honolulu, HI

We take pride as your full-service locksmith in the community. We meet each of your locksmith jobs, no matter how large or small. As a result, we offer an extensive list of local lock supplies and locksmith services in the area.

Residential locksmith service

  • Responsive apartment and house lockout services
  • Rekeying services (doors, sliding glass doors, windows)
  • Lock replacement and repair (doors and windows)
  • Repair or installation of electronic security or smart systems
  • Key duplicates or replacements

Commercial locksmith service

  • Fast building or office lockout services
  • Key duplicate or replacement
  • Lockout repair and replacement for entrances, security doors, and offices
  • Master lock system repair or installation
  • Install or repair electronic or smart security systems
  • Rekey locks for entrances, security doors, offices, and safes Honolulu
Key Fob Replacement Locksmith Service
Car Key Replacement in Honolulu, HI

Car locksmith service

  • Speedy car lockout services
  • Emergency services
  • Ignition replacement and repairs
  • Duplicates and replacements of car keys
  • Key fob replacement and repair (with programming)
  • Key fob battery replacement
  • Rekeying locks on car doors and trunks
  • Install or repair electronic or smart security systems
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

About Us

Our auto locksmith is a proud member of the thriving community. We built up our reputation as a professional locksmith you can count on. We pride ourselves on having a good reputation.

We maintain it by offering high-quality customer service and professional locksmith services. We only work with the top-qualified technicians in the area. They care about the residents of Kakaako and are knowledgeable in their fields.

They possess the experience, training, and skills they need to handle any service call they receive. We strive to serve the residential and professional community for many more decades.

Car Locksmith
On The Spot
We understand how busy our customers are. You want to deal with as little distractions as possible. The best day is one that goes as planned. What you don't anticipate is to have a problem with your car's alarm or security system. Other things could go wrong with the keys, ignition system, locks, or electronic security system.

These issues shouldn't be brushed aside. You could end up in a desperate situation if you ignore them. As your trusted automotive locksmith, we provide safe roadside services. We make new keys on the spot and replace your ignition system.
Car locksmith in Honolulu, HI


What is the estimated arrival time for a locksmith?

30 minutes. We ensure that our professional locksmith shows up within that timeframe. We take each call seriously. Also, our 24 hour locksmith arrives at about that time, sometimes less. We pride ourselves on having the fastest locksmith service in the area. We believe that no one should wait hours for a locksmith.

When I call a locksmith, should I carry my driver's license with me?

Yes. You should have a valid driver's license on you. You can also use your valid ID or a utility bill with your name on it that shows your address. We also need to prove the ownership of your vehicle. That means we will ask for your car registration and title.

Can you duplicate my house key if I misplace it, or do I need to replace all of my locks?

It depends. There will be times when replacement keys are not available for certain kinds of locks. That's possible for older homes. In this case, you might have to purchase a new lock. Call our local locksmith for more information. We'll work with your budget to find the best solution.

Automotive Locksmith Car Keys Service

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