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Lexus Locksmith in Honolulu HI

Lexus drivers know the special comfort and luxury provided by these cars. They also know that keeping them secure can be a challenge. Whether you've just purchased a used vehicle, have suffered a break-in or lost your keys, you need support now. Whether you need a new key, a new key fob or a fob reprogramming, we can get you back on the road in the Honolulu metro area. We can also unlock car door if you can see the keys on the passenger seat!

Our Lexus Locksmith Services

Lexus Vehicles
    • Car Key Replacement

      If you have an older vehicle in Hawaii and are noticing wear on the edges of your Lexus keys, it won't be long before that key won't mesh with your door lock or your ignition. Before car key wear transfers to damage to your vehicle, reach out to your Honolulu Lexus locksmith and get new keys made.

      If you come out to your car to find that someone has attempted to break in or has damaged your ignition, it's time for an ignition and lock change. Don't give potential thieves the chance to try again. A skilled professional who makes Lexus keys can greatly increase your sense of security.

    • Key Fob Replacement

      Keys and fobs get lost, dropped in puddles and dunked in coffee cups. You may also have purchased a used vehicle in Hawaii and want to upgrade the security of your vehicle. Your Honolulu car locksmith can help you replace your current Lexus fob or fobs with something specific to your vehicle, even if you need a fob with a SmartKey feature.
    • Key Fob Programming

      Your Lexus key fob offers several benefits. You may be able to start your car, open your trunk or even immobilize your vehicle, depending on the year. If you have a fob that has suffered damage or is not responsive, you should get the programming checked. These key fobs have evolved over the years. If you have more than one fob, getting the battery replaced and all the fobs you own properly programmed will save you trouble later.
    • Key Fob Battery Replacement

      If you notice that your key fob has a lower range or that it won't lock your car anymore, you likely need a new battery. Like a dying starter battery or a low tire, this is one of those problems that's much easier to fix in the early stages.

      Our Honolulu Lexus locksmith can meet you at your home or office and replace that battery. While we're there, we'll doublecheck the programming and make sure your fob is working as it should.
    • Door Unlock/Trunk Unlock/Lockout Help

      Many people will never need to reach out to a local automotive locksmith until they lock their keys in the car. Those who have never done it will probably do it in the future. A quick call to your local locksmith will quickly get you back in your vehicle and on the road. Call our dispatcher for emergency service.
    • Car Door Lock Repair/Replacement

      The mechanism in any car door lock can wear out over time. If a vandal or thief has tried to get into your car, you may not be able to lock it or get it unlocked. Our mobile locksmithing services can meet you wherever you're stranded and either repair or replace your lock, providing you with a key and getting you back on the road.
    • Car Ignition Repair or Replacement

      A thief targeting your car may have tried to drill the lock in an effort to start the car and drive off with it. Like your new door lock, our mobile locksmith can help you secure your vehicle with a new ignition. Once you have called the police, call Honolulu Locksmith.

      It should also be noted that ignitions can eventually wear out. If you struggle to get your key in and out of the tumblers, or if it refuses to turn, the ignition may simply be worn out. Our mobile professionals can change it before it fails and save you trouble.

The Best Lexus Locksmith in Honolulu

Honolulu Locksmith Mobile Team

We have a long history of helping owners to secure their vehicles. Whether your car was manufactured before the days of fobs or you have a 2018 or later and are concerned about the immobilizer in your SmartKey, we can get you back in your car and on the road.

Our mobile professionals can help you maintain your security with new keys to replace worn ones. We can provide you with new locks and a new ignition if you've purchased a used vehicle. Why worry or wait for an emergency?

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FAQ Question Mark
  • My key fob won't lock my vehicle anymore. What happened?

    Either the battery has died or the key fob needs reprogrammed. Depending on the year of your vehicle, that may mean that your vehicle may soon be immobilized. We can help you get your fob back up and running.
  • The keys to my older car won't come out of the ignition?

    Even Lexus keys wear out. The problem is likely either an old key or a worn out ignition. Our mobile locksmith can come to you and replace the ignition and door lock so you can get back on the road.
  • What's the difference between replacing a battery and reprogramming a fob?

    This technology is top of the line. The SmartKey, used from 2018 on, includes an immobilizer that makes it impossible to move the car without a properly programmed fob in the car. If your fob includes an immobilizer, we'll need to check the programming when we change out your battery.
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