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Ram Locksmith in Honolulu HI

We Care for Your Ram

We're a Ram Honolulu locksmith with an understanding of your vehicle and all of the specific needs that it has. Ram trucks and vans have been on the road for many years and they are powerful. We make sure that your lock and key issues are handled so you can rely on your Ram vehicle and stay active. We're a Honolulu local locksmith providing Kailua, Manoa, Pearl City, and the surrounding area with help with car keys and key fob programming. Whether you have a Ram ProMaster van or a 2500 pickup, if you are in the Honolulu metro area in Hawaii, our trained locksmith team will serve you.

Services We Offer

Ram Car Locksmith Services

Our Ram Honolulu locksmith team provides each of the services that you need to keep your truck or van on the road.

    • Car Key Replacement and Key Duplication:

      You reach in your pocket and your car keys are not there. The anxious feeling that hits you is unlike any other. We can replace the key for your Ram vehicle and provide key duplication services so that you always have an extra set of keys somewhere, ready to be used.

    • Help with Key Fobs:

      If pressing a button over and over again on your key fob isn't doing anything and you cannot get your doors to lock or unlock, our team can help. The answer might be as simple as the need for a key fob battery replacement. We understand the specific type of key fobs used with Ram vehicles and can figure out what is going on, and we provide key fob programming and key fob replacement services.

    • Help When You're Locked Out:

      If your Ram keys are locked in the vehicle and you can see them through the window but you cannot get to them, our Honolulu car locksmith can come to you wherever you are and get your vehicle open. There is no better feeling than having your Ram keys back in your hand after they have been locked away.

    • Some Ram Repair Services:

      If you are not sure what is going on with a Ram lock or you need a car ignition repair, we provide experienced services in the Honolulu metro area. We take on certain small repair jobs in Rams so that you can trust your Ram lock and know your ignition will start your vehicle.

The Best Ram Locksmith in Honolulu

Honolulu Locksmith Mobile Services

We are a Honolulu local locksmith that can handle lock and key issues on all years of Ram vehicles. We can service each model that Ram has put out, providing personalized care for your pickup or van. No matter where you are at in Honolulu, Hawaii, our team will get to your Ram vehicle and figure out a solution for the problem that you are facing. Trust our dedicated Honolulu car locksmith team to show up and work effectively.

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Lock issues are scary because you worry about how you are going to get your vehicle to a locksmith if you cannot access the inside of it. That is where a mobile locksmith team can be helpful. No matter where you Ram is parked, we can come to you without you needing to drive or have your vehicle towed. Call us if you need a car ignition repair or you are looking for help with a key fob or doors that weren't supposed to be locked with your keys still inside.
Ram Vehicle Models


FAQ Question Mark
  • My Ram is older, can you still create keys that will work correctly?

    Yes! No matter the year of your vehicle, we can provide new Ram keys and key fob replacement services.
  • I am parked in a busy part of the city and locked out of my Ram. Will your team really come to me no matter where I am?

    We service all of the Honolulu metro area and will get to you no matter how busy the traffic is near you. We'll head out as soon as possible and try to be efficient in getting to your vehicle.
  • I have noticed that my key fob isn't responding well even when I am right by my Ram truck. Can you fix that?

    We can try out the key fob and figure out what is going on. If it needs new batteries, we can put those in, and if it needs to be repaired or replaced, we can take care of that.
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